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Welcome to the Year 1 page!

Class Teachers-  Mrs Hutchesson, Mrs Lawson and Miss Powers
Teaching Assistants -
Mrs Beharall and Mrs Holt
Intervention Staff- Mrs Hancock and Mrs Moore
Outdoor Games and Gymnastics - Miss Walsh

Autumn Term 2017
Welcome Back!
What a busy first week! There have been lots of things to remember and new routines to learn. Everyone has worked really hard and settled quickly into their new classes. Well done.

Autumn Term 1 2017
This half term our topic is called Memory Box. We are starting our topic by meeting
twin baby girls. 

Maya and Leah came to visit us to help us learn about what babies need and how they grow. The girls enjoyed drinking their milk and were very well behaved! 

Autumn Term 1 2016

Our topic for this half term was Animals around us. We thought about lots of different animals including pets and working animals.We read lots of stories about animals including  the Hungry Cat books, Mog and the Vee Ee Tee and AArgh Spider!
Our science was based around learning about the 5 senses and in Outdoor Games we worked on improving our football skills.

The Year 1 Autumn Workshop took place in October. Lots of grown -ups came to help and we had a great time tasting different kinds of bread, making harvest mice puppets and using Autumn colours to decorate hedgehogs.

We had good news just before half term holiday when Mrs Hutchesson and Miss Morgan's classroom was finally dried out and a new carpet laid. The classroom would be ready for us when we came back to school after the holiday.  

Autumn Term 2
All our Literacy this term will be based around Day and Night and we will be using non-fiction books and reading poems. We will also be having some special visitors.

Can you guess what our visitors might be?

Monday 14th November
What an exciting morning! Look at the pictures below to find out what we were doing.

Friday 18th November
It's Children in Need Day!

Image result for children in need 2016 logo

Christmas Workshop
Friday 25th November

Spring Term 2017
Happy New Year!
This half term we will be using this painting as a starting point for lots of different activities.

Image result for renoir the umbrellas
What can you remember about the painting?

Wednesday 18th January
Come to school in blue and don't forget to bring an umbrella!

Tuesday 7th February.

Today we have been thinking about how we can all enjoy using the internet in a safe way.

Spring Term 2

Image result for patrick quentin blake

Take 1 story

For the next few weeks we will be basing our work around this story, Patrick by Quentin Blake. We will be looking at Quentin Blake's work as an author and illustrator and using some of his ideas to create our own stories and poems.

Image result for british values

We will also be looking at British Values and begin to compare the United Kingdom with another


Don't forget Red Nose Day on 24th March!

Image result for red nose day 2017
Image result for red nose day 2017
You can buy your Red Nose at school from 13th March.

Image result for growyourownpotatoes 2017

This year we will be taking part in the Grow Your Own Potatoes project. The competition starts on February 21st 2017 when we have to prepare the potatoes for planting. This is called chitting.

 We have to follow the dates set out in the competition  rules so keep checking the website to check what happens next.

2nd March 2017

Don't forget to take your favourite book into school 

We Visited St Mary's Church!!

Wednesday 8th March
Potato Planting Day

Image result for potato planting

Over the next few weeks we are going to be finding out about Australia.

Image result for australia

Monday 27th March
What an exciting morning!
Today we used headsets to find out about the culture of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Image result for aboriginal flag

This is the flag of the Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal people have been living in Australia for thousands of years.

Tuesday 4th April
The potatoes we planted in March have started to grow.

Summer Term 1
Roald Dahl Week
During the first week we will be reading some of our favourite Roald Dahl stories.
On Friday we will be celebrating the stories of Roald Dahl by dressing up, creating pictures and models or wearing something yellow (Roald Dahl's favourite colour)
                      Image result for the giraffe the pelly and me                                          Image result for the enormous crocodile

Our topic for the next term will be Castles. We will be visiting Warwick Castle and finding out lots of historical facts about what it was like to live in a castle.
Image result for warwick castle

Today is our football theme day. Some children have come dressed in their football kit and everyone is looking forward to a delicious Football Fever Lunch!

7th June
MacMillan dress up and dance
Image result for macmillan dress up and dance

June 2017
The end of the potato growing project. We had to harvest our potatoes, wash and weigh them and send our results to the project organisers. Finally we could cook and taste the potatoes we had grown.
Image result for new potatoes

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